About Marlin Marine

Established 1994 Marlin Marine Housings are constructed in Durban, South Africa by Stuart Donkin. Stuart is a Seasoned Advanced Specialist Diver with Nitrox and Trimix experience and is an active member of Durbans Dive team running an 8m Acecraft Inflatable Boat over weekends through the Durban Undersea Reacreational Dive Club (DUC)

Marlin Marine Housings are constucted using Non Corrosive Engineering Plastic and 316 Quality Stainless Steel affordable for the “Normal Diver” as well as being “Built for the Professionals” using expensive Hi Tech Equipment in harsh conditions that requires protection from a volatile high pressure environment¬†

Among the Camera housings displayed on the site, are some popular housings for customers, just after high pressure testing, before delivery. All housings are pressure tested to 76 metres for 1 hour and 25 metres overnite before delivery

aboutmmMarlin Marine serves all makes of Cameras from Stills to Video, including Digtal Stills and Analog Cameras. Video Camcorders include the Sony VX 2000 3CCD – Panasonic DX 100 3CCD – Canon XM 1 3CCD and many more.

Marlin Marine designs and constructs underwater lighting systems using the same robust technology. Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmuim and Nickel Metal Hydride battery cells are all used in various lighting applications depending on the clients requirements

Clients using Marlin Marine Housings include ORI (Oceanographic Research Institute, South Africa), South African Navy, Propshine Diving Services, Dormac Marine, Subtec Diving, Divevideo Productions. Footage from Marlin Marine Housings has been used by National Geographics, Discovery Video Channel, Fifty / Fifty, S.A.B.C, Red Sea Dive Expeditions, Norwegian Media African Expedition and many Professional and Sport Divers and Dive Centres